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Username Tony
Health  100%
Strength 5,455,201
Country USA
Married to No partner
Cash $ 169,626,175
Bank account $ 7,385,603,813 Member since 2010-06-27 8:55 AM
Money (safe) $ 65,000,000 Referred by No referral
Family No family Last online 2022-05-05 11:49 PM
Gender Male Attacks won 151
Rank Godfather (lvl 1) Attacks lost 0
Respect points 139 Murders 5
Protection No Missions completed 11
On vacation No  
Personal text
Welcome on my profile.

Credits $50,000 each
Prostitutes $5,000 each
Bullets $50 each

Wishing stones $5,000,000 each

Aquarez Aquarez 873,379,476
Chinoizumi No family 22,882,190
leonolvers No family 3,742,184
Johnyfast No family 4,688,609
Roroboy28 No family 22,356,674
Legolas No family 18,328,450
Chicken No family 8,419,163
Introduction No family 5
SILENCER No family 186,693,073
Hellzyea No family 405,467
FluzzOwner No family 5,106,470
Imperial No family 1,413,343
rover No family 6,878,603
-Achilleas- No family 1,796,174
WHITExCODE No family 113,184
Money No family 249,086
Hawaii No family 225,758
Tony lives in a Mafia palace
Personal goals
Ammunition factory Auction
Higher / lower Prison
Blackjack Hit list
Murder Lottery
Wheel of Fortune Boxing club
Respect Race
Airport Steal cars
Drugs Work
Attack Marksmanship
Crack the safe  
This friendship has been confirmed by both parties!
This rivalry has been confirmed by both parties!
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